About me

My name is Jayden Dummett and I am the founder and owner of Treway Outdoors. I am 19 years old and I absolutely love everything outdoors. Growing up fishing has always been the biggest part of my life when it came to the outdoors. My first ever rod was a little Scooby Doo push button. It was purple in all of its glory. My parents could really see that I loved fishing from the very beginning and as I have started growing up it continued to remain and become an even bigger part of my life.

My sophomore year I had the amazing opportunity to go to school in Newport, RI right on the water. There I spent countless mornings, afternoons, and nights chasing Stripers (Striped Bass) and Bluefish. Like any young angler my dream was to become a professional and get sponsored and get loads of free stuff. As you may have guessed this dream struggled to become a reality. So one day I decided if no one will give me gear I will make my own! I had always been a business minded kid growing up and this was the first opportunity I had to really show off what I could do. I had no idea what I was about to get myself into or what I was doing. I started an instagram page and started posting all of my fishing pictures. Trying to grow a following and it started growing fast. Before I could even realize I had a community of over 10,000 followers on instagram liking and sharing their favorite pictures fishing and wearing my gear! I was truly shocked and humbled at the community that had been created. We are a community of anglers, surfers, and ocean lovers. What I like to preach to everyone who supports us is Love, Conserve, Preserve. That is our anthem, we need to protect the ocean because that is what enables us to do what we love. Those three words are what will allow us to pass on our traditions and ways of life for generations to come. 

The name. The name is what everyone asks about when they hear Treway Outdoors. The name comes from our passion for three things, Fishing, Surfing and Ocean Loving.  If you break down Treway into two parts "Tre" and "Way" it literally means three ways, hence the name Treway Outdoors. 

I am so beyond thankful for every single one of you whether you follow the Instagram or Facebook, wear the gear, like a post, buy the gear, or even just check out the website because you guys are the ones who make this possible. Treway Outdoors is nothing without YOU.