Custom gear

Send all inquiries to treway.outdoors@gmail.com

Are you looking for custom gear? 

Here at Treway Outdoors we print all our gear with the exception of a couple things that we offer in house! This gives us incredible flexibility! Our flexibility can be used to your advantage. We working with people all over the U.S. helping them make their ideas come to life. I do all the graphic work for Treway Outdoors myself and if you dont know who "I" am go check out my About Me page here. We offer a whole bunch of services. Working in the past mainly with charters that is our specialty but we are in no way limited to them! We offer a couple different packages. 

Logo Creation

Do you have an idea that you are looking to make come to life? Well we can help with that 100%. I have personally created all of the logos for Treway Outdoors as well as other brands and charters! Here are just a few examples.

Custom Shirt Printing

We use a decoration method called sublimation. Unlike screen printing the actual print is in the shirt vs. being laid on top of the garment. To learn more about sublimation printing print here.

We print on polyester dominant fabrics. 100% Polyester and 65% polyester 35% Cotton are some examples of fabric content. 

Are you looking to start a brand but not carry inventory? We can help with that too! Email us with any questions. We work with everyone!